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Grilled Radicchio

You may be familiar with bitter raw radicchio in salads, however cooking it tends to bring out a nuttier flavor. You can certainly use an outdoor grill, however if it’s not convenient, cooking in a skillet works great too.

Serves 4

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Chicken Curry Pot

Looking for a simple yummy one-pot meal? Here’s a chicken curry soup that can be served thick over rice or more brothy on its own. I love coconut! Almost as much as I love avocado. In this dish, it adds a nice creamy flavor that wonderfully complements the curry spices.

Serves 6

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Orange-Cranberry Muffin Tops

Sweet and tart unite in this raw, gluten-free recipe for muffin tops. I enjoy these with my tea in the morning or afternoon. It’s always nice to have a satisfying yet nutritious snack on hand.

Makes 12

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Breakfast Dan's Plan Dessert Gluten-Free Recipes Vegetarian

Chia Mango Lassi

I enjoy smoothies for an occasional snack or sometimes as an alternative to cooking breakfast. If you have visited Whole Foods recently, you have seen the mountains of tropical fruit. With this simple combination, I am reminded of mango lassis, with a healthful twist. I get my whey and chia through Dan’s Plan, and have provided links to each product below for reference. Enjoy a sweet treat already!

Serves 2

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Dan's Plan Gluten-Free Recipes Side Vegan Vegetarian

Leek & Mushroom Lentils

Leeks are coming into season and I find them an irresistible addition to salads, soups and other side dishes, especially when fried until crispy. They are related to garlic and onions, but have a subtler, sweeter, more sophisticated flavor and pair well with the mild, earthy tones of mushrooms and lentils. Optional addition is crumbled feta or goat cheese.

Serves 4

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Good Looking! What’s Cooking?

Following such a radiant weekend in the bay area, I’d like to pause a moment to appreciate the plentiful blooms and other beautiful signs of the season. After all, Spring has sprung!

We are in the final stretch of April and so this post is dedicated to all of the passionate gardeners out there who are thinking about the months ahead and the full potential of their growing space. This includes people like my parents with their simple raised bed garden in West Marin and Barbara Kingsolver, who fed her family for one whole year almost exclusively on products from or near her home. Featured in Animal, Vegetable Miracle, this clever illustration depictis an imaginary plant that bears, over the course of one growing season, a cornucopia of all the different vegetable products one can harvest. It’s called a vegetannual and I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

Dan's Plan Gluten-Free Main Paleo Perfect Health Diet Recipes

Chicken Vesuvio

Here’s a tasty and versatile chicken preparation that can combine a seasonal veggie and potatoes to create one complete meal in a single dish! This recipe is inspired by Giada De Laurentiis’s Everyday Italian Cooking. Feel free to sub in artichokes, green beans, peas or broccoli in place of asparagus if it suits you. The seasonings will sauce up any good ingredients, really. Happy Weekend everyone!

Serves 4

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Dan's Plan Gluten-Free Paleo Perfect Health Diet Raw Recipes Vegan Vegetarian

Purple Juice

I’m certainly not an avid juicer, but on occasion, I do enjoy a frothy glass of fresh veggies and fruits. I always add some ginger for a kick and a citrus and apple for some sweetness. There are endless possibilities for what you can juice together, but here you can see my basic combination.

Serves 2

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Avocado Dan's Plan Gluten-Free Main Paleo Perfect Health Diet Recipes

Paleo Burgers

Burgers! So satisfying, I consider them a comfort food. In this simple variation, they become Paleo and can take on all kinds of condiments.

Serves 4 – 6

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Avocado Dan's Plan Gluten-Free Perfect Health Diet Raw Recipes Vegetarian

Kale Salad with Caramelized Onion, Goat Cheese & Avocado

Raw kale makes for a robust salad that can accommodate all kinds of tasty ingredient combinations. In this version, I’ve used caramelized onion, goat cheese, almond slivers and avocado, but you could also play around with adding pear and/or cranberries, depending on how central you want this dish to be.

Serves 4

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